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WordPress Focused Website Designing

A website is your business’ online identity: but also, so much more than that. It is where you connect with your potential customers, display your strengths and showcase your services and products, generate meaningful leads and of course, get it all done in just clicks, instantly.

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This is what goes into to make you a Money-Making Website.

From understanding your business, product, services to comprehending your competition and their strategies, we take our research very seriously just to be double sure that we know exactly what we are doing.

Just how much work needs to be done on your website to improve it and enhance it to our level of perfection, is something we need to identify and analyze. We need to see how much work needs to be done depending on the existing issues that currently haunt your website: they could be creeping the URL, the links (external and internal), and so on. We ensure that we do not mess with your current SEO rankings when we migrate or update your website. 

This includes all the work that we shall be doing after the audit to ensure that your website improves in terms of speed, responsiveness, freedom from errors and broken links, compressing space-consuming images and other media to make the site more optimal, correct any other errors that might pop up and so on. 

We take perfection seriously. We review our work thoroughly after the website has been launched to make extra sure that we have not missed anything out. Following our quality check, you can be sure that everything on the website works exactly as they should and every link leads the user to exactly where they should. 

We know the game; we play the game and we have been known to pamper our clients a bit too much.

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We don’t speak, our Results does. Your Business can also GROW like theirs !!!

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Our business grew exponentially after working with Tripled Marketing. Our site had more engaging visits and generated more leads. They presented us great ideas and strategies which the did their best to deliver.

Increase in organic traffic by 131%
Increase in First Page Ranking by 20 + 
142% increase in Organic SEO Lead Generation

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The team at Tripled Marketing is very professional and passionate about the projects they take over. I am very thankful for the local seo services offered by them which took my business to the next level.

Increase in organic SEO conversion by 120%
Increase in Targeted Traffic by 160% 
70 new LEADS per month

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Owning a business, I always had many problems dealing with my competitors. People at Tripled Marketing took over my website and in just ample amount of time, we were seeing the best results. I would highly recommend hiring them as your Digital Marketing Agency !!! 

Increase in LEAD Generation by 80%
20+ first page ranking increase
Increase in local traffic by 135%

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FAQs on Local SEO

If you are still unsure about whether LOCAL SEO is a good fit for your business, here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Local SEO.

Why we adore WordPress is because, it can be whatever your business needs it to be: a content management system, an eCommerce store, a portfolio or just a business blog for you to build industry presence. It is a software that we shall be used to design websites for your business. Over a third of the world uses WordPress for various reasons given its high scope of accommodation and flexibility. The WordPress software presents itself as an open-source and hence we shall be able to add to the original code and customize the webpage as much as we want. 

Extremely. The fact that it is so readily available and incredibly easy-to-use makes WordPress the optimal option for those seeking to set up personal websites and business websites alike. The intuitive interface and the smoothness that the user feels when operating the website make managing the content on the website extremely easy. You can have everything on the website in a simple and straightforward manner: contact forms, shopping carts, social media networking connections. It is easy to make various pages for the website and the in-built blog function makes publishing regular content easy. Landing pages can also be easily created for SEO purposes. The code is neat and not stuffy, so search engines tend to naturally rank these websites higher. 

Oh, we love giving out good news so YES. We can handle the migration for you at totally reasonable costs and also host it. Contact Us, to know more about how we can work together on getting your site into the WordPress platform.

We would have steered totally clear if it weren’t. WordPress offers select Security Plugins that can be embedded into your website to make it secure and provide it with comprehensive protection. Moreover, if even a minor issue or vulnerability with security arises, updates are immediately released to ensure that this does not compromise the protection offered to the websites built using the WordPress platform. The fact that it is an open-source website plays a major role in improved security measures as developers across the world quickly identify and raise issues in any lacking in security and this can be resolved just as fast. And even if they don’t, we are here to make sure that your site is as safe as it should be. 

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