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At the very heart of digital marketing, in a very special place lies Search Engine Optimization. And no, we are not romanticizing. 

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A simple BLUEPRINT about the services that we offer to rank your website.

These are the three pillars of getting hold of the right customers for your business, no matter what kind. SEO ensures that for the most appropriate keywords, your business ranks at the top via organic search. Think about this- everyone trusts Google, and if Google trusts you to be at the top- you must have what it takes. Also, SEO is that bridge between you being a nobody to a household name.

Every business has a competition. You can beat your competitor by our SEO services. Competitive analysis is one of the sub-service that we provide in order to rank your business. We execute multiple analysis campaigns for your top competitors. This reveals all the strategies they use and you do not. What they are ranking for different keywords and you are not! Let us do the best SEO services for you and your competitors compete in the market.

Keywords play a crucial role for brand awareness and lead generation. With our expertise and professional tools we find the best searched keywords for your business. Moreover, we also narrow down keywords on basis of integrity, relevancy and intentions to buy your products. The keyword research campaigns searches and targets the best search patterns with low competition and higher search volume. In addition to this, your competitors will also be analyzed and reviewed for more impact on your business.

We at Tripled Marketing take care of both On-Page and Off-Page optimization techniques. We don’t practice any bad SEO techniques such as Keyword Stuffing, Duplicate Content, etc. Instead our team of analysts and content creator are trained to deliver you the best work. Following are some of the best SEO services that we provide.

  • Optimizing Meta description
  • Attractive Title Tags
  • Posting unique content
  • H1-H6 Tags Optimization
  • Managing Keywords Density
  • Optimizing URLs
  • Internal Linking
  • Image SEO

Backlinks, in 2020 are most important factor for increasing website visibility and page ranking. Many other SEO agencies uses different approaches that can penalize your website in various search engines. We at Tripled Marketing uses the best strategies to increase Domain Rating and URL Rating.Out of many popular tactics, Content Marketing is booming. And we specialize in that practice. We will put up great attractive and exclusive content on your website. Further our team of link building experts personally reach out to other niche related authentic websites in your niche seeking for a high quality backlink linking to your brand new article on your website. This strategy is simple yet powerful which helps you bring relevant traffic on your business, which can further lead to sales. We also spy your competitors for more link building opportunities.

Your business shows up exactly where it is needed and nowhere else. Needless to say, such leads have high conversion rates: sales knocking on your doors as these are users who seek to purchase your exact products or services.

We know the game; we play the game and we have been known to pamper our clients a bit too much.

Besides offering you our continued support and high -quality services, we also bring you the best prices (yes, really). 

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We don’t speak, our Results does. Your Business can also GROW like theirs !!!

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Our business grew exponentially after working with Tripled Marketing. Our site had more engaging visits and generated more leads. They presented us great ideas and strategies which the did their best to deliver.

Increase in organic traffic by 131%
Increase in First Page Ranking by 20 + 
142% increase in Organic SEO Lead Generation

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The team at Tripled Marketing is very professional and passionate about the projects they take over. I am very thankful for the local seo services offered by them which took my business to the next level.

Increase in organic SEO conversion by 120%
Increase in Targeted Traffic by 160% 
70 new LEADS per month

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Owning a business, I always had many problems dealing with my competitors. People at Tripled Marketing took over my website and in just ample amount of time, we were seeing the best results. I would highly recommend hiring them as your Digital Marketing Agency !!! 

Increase in LEAD Generation by 80%
20+ first page ranking increase
Increase in local traffic by 135%

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Common SEO Questions

Is your goal to increase your profit margin and company profile digitally, then YES you do need SEO. Let me just tell you, almost 60-70% of business is doing online in the 21st Century. Are you not one of them? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very much required to spread more word about your business. In short, increase more visibility of your business online and execute Brand Awareness. There may be many other businesses in your marketplace who are selling the same products or services as you do. Even it is also possible that they may come up first in search results way ahead of yours. That’s a lot of business you’re missing on. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best Digital Marketing Technique to optimize your website and increase positioning on multiple search engines to gain more traffic. Your decision on investing money on the best SEO service can be a crucial deciding factor in your business’s future.

How important are genuine, highly convertible leads to your company? The answer should give you a fair idea about how much you should be willing to spend on one of the most proven-to-be-effective digital marketing tools. Ideally, it is recommended that at least 20% of your resources should be dedicated to marketing and a significant amount of that to digital marketing. 

Investing in SEO actually reaps benefits that you can experience: you actually get what you pay for. There are two ways to go about SEO: one is a short-term plan: small investments, fewer returns and the other, the wiser option. You see, search engine rankings can be quite flaky and require constant attention. Maintenance is just as important as implementation: you ought to ensure that you do everything it takes to hold on to that top position as tight as you can once you get there.

Moreover, SEO implementation requires a lot of effort going into fixing your website and altering things on a technical level so as to optimize it to a level where it deserves the high ranks that the search engines offer a fully competent website.

We offer several comprehensive and customized packages to suit your business needs, contact us for our pricing options.

While it definitely does sound like jargon to throw you off and sound like we know what we are doing, these words do have a lot of meaning.

On-Page SEO is every effort that goes into optimizing your website from within: the work is done on the structure of your website, the optimization of all the content on your site, fixing your site’s URL and so on. 

Off-Page SEO is the work that we do on other relevant and credible pages that act as resources to plant links that shall redirect leads back to your site, a process known as back-linking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is not the same as SEO. Search engine optimization focuses on how best to enhance a website and improve its quality such that the site ranks on top of the results in a purely organic manner.

SEM consists of other strategies including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, among others that are inorganic.

SEO is a long-term but surely rewarding investment: a well-thought-out, mature decision that lets you kick back and watch the growth happen in a slow paced-yet steady manner. Gains shall start pouring in, in a few short months just to be followed by so many more. Initially, the quality of your site shall improve: the page speed increases, traffic increases and people tend to spend more time on your site. Eventually, highly relevant leads shall stumble across your site extremely frequently and you’ll be running out of stocks. SEO is an investment best suited to the patient and the wise. 

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