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We do what it takes to get to know your business and your industry. Following this, we practically stalk your competitors virtually to understand their ad campaigns, how effective they are and how best they can be improved upon. We also research the cost of the most appropriate keywords and put this information together before we can estimate a budget for you. This way, we ensure that your money is not wasted whatsoever. All in all, our research shall ensure that no matter what your competitors are doing, we shall remain one step ahead. 

We truly believe that there is nothing to gain from doing anything without a defined purpose. Prior to launching the campaign and following our extensive research, we get to laying out and brainstorming on a plan that we believe shall work best for you. Together, you and we work on defining the best goals for you and agree upon the best strategies to achieve them: and this shall give you an excellent idea on the budget as well.

Detecting the right keywords is not as easy as one might think and that is followed by embedding the keywords into messages that do not seem forced whatsoever so as to maintain the quality of the adverts. We understand your services and products well enough and align them against the best advertisements for each. The ad messages are then prepared accordingly.

The ads do run by themselves but not without us watching them closely to make sure they rank well in terms of relevance, conversion and accuracy. Each click is traced to verify whether they are getting converted and if not, we immediately stop the campaign and redirect your funds to a more relevant one. With the changing industrial environment, we also constantly tweak our strategies to ensure that things run smoothly. 

Though we remain in constant touch with you, whenever you need us, we also believe in reaching out to you and explaining exactly what’s happening and how your funds are being utilized. Our reporting strategy is concise and simple- you see, you comprehend, and if you don’t we are more than happy to break down our reports to you and show you where your marketing strategies are taking your business.

Your business shows up exactly where it is needed and nowhere else. Needless to say, such leads have high conversion rates: sales knocking on your doors as these are users who seek to purchase your exact products or services.

Now, if you feel PPC advertising is exactly what you’re looking for to succeed in this terribly competitive market, give us a holler and let us tailor the most perfect packages for you.

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We don’t speak, our Results does. Your Business can also GROW like theirs !!!

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Our business grew exponentially after working with Tripled Marketing. Our site had more engaging visits and generated more leads. They presented us great ideas and strategies which the did their best to deliver.

Increase in organic traffic by 131%
Increase in First Page Ranking by 20 + 
142% increase in Organic SEO Lead Generation

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The team at Tripled Marketing is very professional and passionate about the projects they take over. I am very thankful for the local seo services offered by them which took my business to the next level.

Increase in organic SEO conversion by 120%
Increase in Targeted Traffic by 160% 
70 new LEADS per month

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Owning a business, I always had many problems dealing with my competitors. People at Tripled Marketing took over my website and in just ample amount of time, we were seeing the best results. I would highly recommend hiring them as your Digital Marketing Agency !!! 

Increase in LEAD Generation by 80%
20+ first page ranking increase
Increase in local traffic by 135%

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FAQs on PPC advertising.

Come, lets put your doubts to rest quickly so we can hurry up and get you on top of search results.

Some call it SEM (Search Engine Marketing) while others PPC. The reason PPC stands out from other digital marketing initiatives is that here, you only pay when someone clicks your advertisement. Moreover, you can set budgets and replenish them as and when needed per campaign, so the chances of losses are minimal. 

Not at all. In fact, many leading business platforms including Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc provide space for PPC advertising. The key is identifying the most likely platforms the customers you are targeting- are most likely to visit and to focus on strategic advertisements that you know will work. This allows you to advertise at the right place and connect with the right leads.

Investing in SEO actually reaps benefits that you can experience: you actually get what you pay for. There are two ways to go about SEO: one is a short-term plan: small investments, fewer returns and the other, the wiser option. You see, search engine rankings can be quite flaky and require constant attention. Maintenance is just as important as implementation: you ought to ensure that you do everything it takes to hold on to that top position as tight as you can once you get there.

Moreover, SEO implementation requires a lot of effort going into fixing your website and altering things on a technical level so as to optimize it to a level where it deserves the high ranks that the search engines offer a fully competent website.

We offer several comprehensive and customized packages to suit your business needs, contact us for our pricing options.

You bet there is. Remarketing, as we detailed above is one of them. Remarketing works in a simple and efficient manner: your customers are those who have been known to engage with a product or service like yours or actually yours. A variant to this would be those ads you click on that directly let you call the business. Another type of PPC advert you commonly come across as the display ads you see across the sides of typically busy webpages. Become popular enough by connecting with us, and you could be charging other businesses for display space-sweet deal, right?

If we are being very honest, it totally depends on your business module, business type and growth plan. PPC advertising is a sure shot method to procure guaranteed results in a relatively short span of time, but if a slower path is what you prefer to opt for instead, you should check out our SEO services. If affordability is a concern, then PPC is all the more right for you because when you run a PPC ad campaign, you exercise total control over the funding: stop when you want, continue if you want. 

SEM consists of other strategies including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, among others that are inorganic.

Unlike SEO, the results of PPC advertising are apparent rather quickly. The average wait for you to have customers start pouring in is a few weeks. 

Moreover, upon the completion of each, the campaigns are reviewed for deciding whether they are worth the reinvestment or if they need to be modified. This shall ensure continuously improved results.

Well, multimedia is often what captures and holds the attention of potential customers. Paid media is actually just another way of saying ‘online ads’. Remember those posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc that are marked as ‘sponsored’? Well, you pay to boost your posts on social media websites and set the target audience such that you target the most relevant leads.

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